Conditional; no unauthorised use.

Individual named dlak-TM b ATZE-TM was at ages 63 years when this was composed during years deduced 90,001,037,519 plus months 05 summer but cold at a northern latitude, plus days nights 18 at the 19.89 Local Determinable Time (LDT) of a clock calibrated at 20 hours between morning dawns. Social Security Number 517-50-4567, MADE IN USA, EARTH, & EHLSWAR. USE AT YOUR RISK, do not use abusively. dlak-TM had been a musician trying professionaly 19 years, and he had been accessed to computors, synthesizers, microphones and computors music editing software. ATZE-TM had tried to do screenplay writing, had written typed several books, and with computors had explored what printed letter symbols are. Accessed to the digital video cameras and computors, and video editing software, dlak-TM b ATZE-TM produced several movies, music videos, and videos. dlak-TM produced several music CD’z. Much of the times were spent tending to the computors and learning teaching as the new technologies were appreciably amazing incredible. The concepts educated formally 12 years at schools, the continuation amongst society an additional 50 years, were re-examined striving for honesty truths, finding HOLY BIBLE useful essential. Accessed with various individuals participating contributing including species as birds, water individuals and micro-organisms, waters, electrons and molecules, world substances and trees, plants, stars and lunars, solars, and presumably additional worlds via the internet, is and amongst futures, various realities of considerations considerably. People were influences amongst the complexities and confusions. Societies and civilizations had evolved presumably of times when sitting was an incredible invention, or moving wriggling crawling.

Times Were Of Times

People endeavored, some employed, some attempting to various responsibilities. Some good intentioned, and some noticing the foibles and grievous wrongs amongst presumptions. dlak-TM b ATZE-TM had been wrong numerous times amongst wrong presumptions. Education, influences, media effecting populations and imaginations. Someone was incredibly intelligent to produce the computors and electroniques, accessing individuals to learn participate appreciably. There was much to learn, and some had learned technologically aspects of various industries and professions. Some had learned liberal arts, contributing. Some had labored with their bodies amongst comprehensions.

dlak-TM b ATZE-TM evaluated presumptions and stopped eating dead individuals14 years prior this presenting. Initially he had been forced when a child to eat wrongly amongst threats and angers of older and bigger people individuals. Schools continued to endorse those wrong presumptions, and media as television, newspapers, magazines, radio and movies presented presumably normal acceptance influencing a population of people to wrong presumptions. Various people lived amongst a local region presuming themselves erroneously superior. The comprehensions of a world, world communications, and realizations of each individual affecting environs, affecting the times and affecting the futures results with the necessity and urgency to stop wrong presumptions with hopes that the conditions will improve. A Byzantine civilization calendar 7,519 years prior purportedly, and the history herstory as purported of peoples, wars, inventions, weapons and murders, killings and deceptions are amongst the difficulties for peoples to comprehend with the strivings to stop the wrong grievous and misery impositions effects and presumptions. Perhaps it will take an additional 7,519 years to eradicate those wrong enactions.

dlak-TM b ATZE-TM as a minority individual, blonde gold hair and pink skin colors amongst a majority of peoples seen with black colors hairs. dlak-TM b ATZE-TM has been a victim numerous times of black hair peoples violent, aggressive, impulsive and cruel. Conspiracies, confederacies, deceptions and liars. Abusive uses of technologies, abusive uses of word letter symbols, abusive uses of audible spoken words, abusive uses of judicial legal comprehensions, abusive uses of courts, police and sheriff cars and abusive uses of lamps, sounds, and places.

The process amongst a people individual, an infant born small, frail, and subsequent observations of environs of big people, their smells perhaps repulsive, their voices loud obnoxious, their faces and bodies aging repugnantly, results with a child perhaps hating and envious jealous conspiring. Revenge. The processes aging, precocious expecting access and possession, the inequities amongst money concepts. The concepts of civilized possession purportings, owning and exclusions. The frustrations and then perhaps learning to appreciate the extreme amounts of concerted and cooperative ventures very expensive to produce any item or product, including the times incorporated with producing an individual that can move, think, look and hear are processes requiring individuals to accept not impulsive behaviors. Individuals are advised to not be zealous until attaining the age of 50 years. It takes time to comprehend the complexities and responsibilities of being an individual. Perhaps do not have sex with intentions to have a child until the age of 51 years, to comprehend the responsibilities of providing for that child. Food, clothing, basic necessities not as easily as going to the store and buying the products. Perhaps being with the child constantly 50 years all day and all night to assure the youngster is not corrupted. The comprehensions a parent cannot teach all that a child needs to learn, and subsequently a group of parents perhaps teaching; a society interdependance. Perhaps a group of parents teaching young individuals to wrong comprehensions, intentionally for various motives and the necessity of monitoring educational groups. Standardized educational expectations. The dangers of an education committee believing or influenced to wrong comprehensions and purporting authoritarian postures.


An alphabet of letter symbols, words of those letter symbols, and a group of people purporting what can not be said or written; fake liar morality. The pervisity effects of clothing, the paranoia affecting individuals suspecting not being told the truths. This presenting is not truths amongst the impositions imposed of those fake moralists. This presenting is what it is, and problems are.


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