USE AT YOUR RISK; do not use abusively.
90,001,037,520+09=27_14.5 LDT/20

90,001,037,520+45_03.0 LDT/20

During May 04, 1993a.d. ATZE-TM b at ages 46 years, a male people individual, lay in a tent to nap during an afternoon and heard a male voice in his mind presenting “Apocalypse (Armeggedon?) in twenty years”.
HOLY BIBLE book references apocalypse armeggedon. Advised is reading HOLY BIBLE completely with cautions various editions were published.
ATZE-TM tried to live amongst poverty, and various people oppressive. He conveyed the warning via correspondence to two people. Considerations include hoaxes, pranks, and devious abusive uses of electronique technologies to invade a mind, as of dream research, esp research and medical sciences experimentation.
Recently 2011a.d. when this was composed with considerations of potentially actualities, ATZE-TM notified various agencies including United Nations, World Health Organization, FEMA, NATO, FCC, MSNBC, youtube/google and attempted notifying 911 via internet but was routed to a Dept. of Transportation display and notified email.
Considerations include all people at the world affected, and all individuals of various species. A 2:36 video was posted this date at

During 1957a.d. there were cartoons depicting an old white hair white beard man with tattered clothing carrying a placard with letter symbols presenting “THE END IS NEAR”. Various people spoofed and scoffed at the considerations of disasters, including movies and TV shows with apocalyptic themes. The effects to imaginations, some perhaps really worried. Young individuals learning regarding attitudes, expectations, inclusive unfortunately of considerations of not good futures. During 1957a.d., school children had to scramble beneath school desks in bomb drills and hurredly depart the school building during fire drills. The author ATZE-TM is not responsible for any problems associated or effects to people or species, but is reporting this with a comprehension for individuals to also be cognizant of possibilities. Advice is to be prepared at all regions of the world, to remain calm, peaceful, intelligent. Perhaps a storage of emergency rations; food, clean waters, medical supplies, blankets to keep warm, to stay dry, lamps, and communication devices. The necessities to not panic, to not become angry, to not be emotional; trying to be good, trying to be honest truthful, trying to remain peaceful and hoping praying trusting a faith hoping for mercy.
Young individuals are advised to not be zealous until attaining the age of 50 years. Individuals aged 50 years or more are advised to not be zealous while presumptively wrong or influenced of wrong conditions.

90,001,037,520+43_06.5 LDT/20

Future Planning

90,001,037,520+06_02.8 LDT/20

20 years of dlak-TM muzihk.
Times were perhaps when an individual simply lived.
An individual had a life.
The individual perhaps sat, looked, sat, looked, sat.
The individual perhaps noticed something curiously, stood, and walked for a closer look.


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  1. atzetm says:

    USE AT YOUR RISK; do not use abusively.
    May 2016 a.d.; (7525 Byzantine plus months 03 and days / nights 04 _ 10.5 LDT/20
    Attending and greetings:
    Planted potatoes, shallots, tomato, celery, radishes, flowers pansy columbine. Been cold, cold rain, clouds. eof

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